I am Retrace. I manage this site.

This is a media site for male cosplayer.

- Feature pictures and interviews of male cosplayers.

- Men's unique problems and solutions are posted as columns.

-Photo session by male cosplayer.

- Other events held.

And anyway, it is a media for exciting male cosplayer!


The reason I thought about starting up this media


The majority of people who do cosplay are women.

But there are several male cosplays.


A man who is thinking about cosplay debut from now.
A man who is already cosplaying.

I thought that you could find a group with the same hobby.


Prospect of this media


It is a schedule to the end.

Although it is a long-term span, the following schedule is planned.


October 2018 established this media "Men's Cosplay"

20XX Creating electronic magazines of this media "Men's Cosplay"

20XX Magazine Reading Unlimited Service and Contract

20XX Established COSPLAY STUDIO based on this media

Benefits of posting on this media


The advantages of cosplayer's on this media are as follows.


· It is possible to create a circle of male cosplayers.

· You can participate in this media organized event.

· It is possible to raise the name recognition through publicity activities of electronic magazines etc. scheduled in the future.

· You can comment on future policy of activities.



It is a limited layer of male x cosplayers,

so I especially want to cherish the first one!

Other points of note


This media is private operation.

Depending on personal circumstances, I may stop the service.

Also, I assume that you have the right to refuse photos and sentences deemed inappropriate for this media.

The copyright and portrait rights included in the media belong to this media and the person himself / herself.

please do not use without permission!


For the privacy policy of this media, please see below.