This is a new registration page for male cosplayer.

For male cosplayers who can introduce at this media, please apply according to the following procedure!


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① Creating an interview sheet


Please fill in the text you would like to describe on the introduction page.

You do not have to fill in all the contents of the question.


However, "handle name" "SNS account" "e-mail address" "privacy policy"

It is a required item for 4 points. Please note!


Please fill out the following interview sheet and submit it!


Interview page


② Send cosplay photos by e-mail


Please send cosplay photos to Retrace of this media administrator.

I will publish it along with the interview content, so I'd appreciate it if you can send us 5 to 6 sheets.




If sending by e-mail is severe, we will respond flexibly to data sharing sites and so on.