Other day, the last Comic Market 95 of the Heisei era was finished.

The total number of visitors for 3 days were 570 thousand, it was extremely excited!

I’ve been there for the day2 and day3, and I’ve met a lot of wonderful cosplayers.

Today’s showcase is 56 people of male cosplayers.

*All photos are permitted to be posted by them. All rights of each photos belong to the people themselves. Do not reprint and quotation without permission.


Mr.Haku@hikahaku"Toukenranbu"Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

Mr.Hentai gentleman@hentaishinshi78 SF equipment

"Cells at Work!"Killer T cell(left),White blood cell(middle),Killer T cell(right)

Mr.HARUKA@gasmaskun(right) steampunk

Mr.Hitokuchi@hitokuchi44 Original Horror

"Deadpool"Wade Wilson(left) "Captain America"Steve Rogers(right)

Mr.Tsukasu@geroriann "METAL GEAR RISING"Raiden

Mr.Ayakashi "Resident Evil" Hank

Mr.Tamajo@tamafox17"METAL GEAR SOLID” Snake
Mr.Shiiki@xshixkix"Fate/Grand Order" Charles-Henri Sanson
Mr.Kikoumaster@kikoumasterFINAL FANTASYX』Aaron
Mr.Umieden@umieden "Fallout"Fat man
Mr.Ramieru@M_tokyo_3(left),Mr.Kiraru@krlnnp044(right)"METAL GEAR SOLID" Snake(left),Otakon(right)
Mr.Parumin@Parumin_cos(left),Mr.Ramieru@M_tokyo_3(right)"METAL GEAR SOLID"McDonnell Benedict Miller(left),Snake(right)
Mr.Yoda@HCLI_JPNTokyoghoul』Amon Kotaro
Mr.Alliya MAX Gumtape@defghijklmno987Fate/Grand Order"Lancelot
Mr.Mikenekokyoju@dxmikeneko "Fate/Grand Order" Gawain
" Call of Duty modern warfare2"Lt. Ghost(left),Gary "Roach" Sanderson(right)
Mr.Enoki@kametaku11301 "Toukenranbu" Kashu Kiyomitsu

Mr.Nekogunsaw@nekogunsaw "FINAL FANTASY XV" Ardyn Izunia


Mr.Konno@08_brz "FINAL FANTASY XV" Noctis Lucis Caelum

"KINGDOM HEARTS" Lea(left),Vanitas(right)
Mr.ken@kashimastars"Fate/ Grand Order"Cu Chulainn (Alter)
Mr.Miyarai@mili_gla U.S. land (UCP)
Mr.Meganesawa Aran@AllenUnica SCP-049
Mr.Southfield@south_373no Buddha
Mr.Mark "Dragonball" Sun Wukong
Mr.Takeshi~@heicho9611 Heisei's person's cosplay
*Heisei is one of the era of Japan
Cosplay for Star*ucks' limited-time products
Mr.Shim@shimpson0083(left) "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" harry potter earrape memes
Mr.Jugon@dugongr "Porco Rosso"
Mr. Sasagawa Tomoyuki @sasa_sasa_3_3 "The Idolmaster: Million Live! Theater Days" 765 Pro Live Theater
Dancing man in the toilet@parimurayakuba  Mr. Oizumi who is celebrity in Japan
Mr.Pu-@CkfmdxpmQq4k32I "ONE PIECE" Senor Pink
Mr.Zashio@phantom906 "Ready Player One"
Mr.Mikoto (NisekawaTakanori)@3510_chill Preserved Roses from T.M.Revolution× Mizuki Nana
Mr.Fancast apprentice "Akiba"@PI32pYi43a37a6n Fancast from di*ney
Mr.Iwaemon@iwaemon "Fate/Grand Order" Fou
Takanawa gateway station

All cosplayers look like they love the characters and they are attractive!

The last Comic Market of the Heisei era was finished, but the next one of new era is holding on Friday, 9th to Monday, 12th August.

If you are thinking that you are going to start cosplaying, you have a lot of time to prepare it, so why don’t you try it at this time?

And I’m glad if you can be published on Men’sCosplay!

Next report will be Niconico Chokaigi 2019 on Saturday, 27th April 2019 in Makuhari Messe.

Look out for it!