Today we will showcase the cosplay work of Sumeragi Sho!

Sumeragi Sho is a Japanese cosplayer who likes to cosplay uncle characters from Tanaka of "Black Butler"etc.

On this page you will find an interview with him and lots of photos of his cosplays!

Height: 170cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: Dec,9
Favorite food: tea, coffee, scones, fried eggs
Disliked food: Natto, Umeboshi
Hobby: make a cup of tea, making sweets

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?

At the Dojinshi convention, I couldn't talk to the cosplayer.
I started the cosplay with "When in Rome, do as the Romans do", I was able to communicate with the other party.

Part 2. What do you care about most when cosplaying?

I care about such a little "realness" what happens if I reproduce the character with my body.

Part 3. Tips for creating props and setting wigs

I have to consider to put anime characters into live action when I create it.

Part 4. Your best cosplay memories

People who met long ago remembered me. It's important to remain in the impression.

Part 5. Tell us about your future cosplay plans


Q. Who are you planning to cosplay next?

The next cosplay is Hakurou of "TenseishitaraSlimeDattaken". It's uncle's character as ever.
Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

Tokyo is the main, but if possible I'll also appear in Kanto.
Q. What is "cosplay" for you?

Even if I spend my money and time, it's an fortunate hobby!

And this was Sumeragi Sho’s showcase!

Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!


He is planning to travel to the USA in 2019!

Finally, "I am old but I do not make it an excuse, I want to face my cosplay faithfully" he told me.


As my personal opinion, I think that cosplay is always active as long as he wants to continue!

I hope to he have enjoy cosplay life forever!


You can find Sumeragi Sho’s SNS accounts below.


Since he usually cosplays in Tokyo and around the Kanto region, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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