Today we will showcase the cosplay work of Ryota!

Ryota is a Japanese cosplayer who likes to cosplay characters from "Touken Ranbu" and "Samurai Warriors"

On this page you will find an interview with him and lots of photos of his cosplays!

Height: 175cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: May,14
Favorite food: Spicy things such as CoCoichibanya curry (over 5 spicy).
Disliked food: Raw tomato.
Hobby: reading books, watch Japanese comic storytelling(Recent boom is Tachikawa Shiraku).

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?


I wanted to play cosplay of the hero of "Dragon Quest 8" from a long time ago, I tried doing it because costumes were found.
It has become fun with this opportunity and continues even now.

Part 2. What do you care about most when cosplaying?


I'm planning to do my best to be able to express the likeness of a character.
I also want to bring the physique closer to the character.

Part 3. Tips for creating props and setting wigs


Actually, my acquaintance create props.
Anyway it's appreciated to try to bring it closer to the real one.

Part 4. Your best cosplay memories



At the event at Nagoya Castle participate in the photo session of "Samurai Warriors" on the day, and then have them participate in the "The Super Smash Bros" photo session at the Nagoya Public Hall.

For me, there are many fun memories in Nagoya. Even now I get along with those people.

Part 5. Tell us about your future cosplay plans


Q. Who are you planning to cosplay next?

"The Super Smash Bros" has released, so I'm planning a cosplay of the characters "Marth".
Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

I'm doing cosplay activities throughout Japan.
In Kansai it's ToeiUzumasaEigamura, Nippombashi street festa.
In Hokuriku, Ajimanoen in Fukui, Worker Plaza in Kanazawa.
In Nagoya the World Cosplay Summit and Public hall.
Q. What is "cosplay" for you?

I think that it expresses characters as realistically as possible and acquires a lot of people at the same time, so that we can make friends.

Part 6. A final word



Kota Kobayashi is a lawyer and famous as a muscle cosplayer.

Actually I'm an emergency doctor and cosplayer.
I'll continue to blance doctors and cosplay!

And this was Ryota’s showcase!

Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!


Mr. Ryota got married, he is busy in the future, but he told me that he would definitely join the street festival in March!

He told me that he will do his best to train himself to express "Kenshin Himura" of "Rurouni Kenshin" and "Aran" of "The Rumble fish".

It's wonderful to encourage healthy body making through cosplay!

I look forward to your continued success!


You can find Ryota’s SNS accounts below.


Since he usually cosplays in Kansai and Chubu, Hokuriku, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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