I hope you've been well.  This is a manager Retrace of Men'sCosplay.

Started operating as a media site introducing male cosplayers around the world, many people have received feedback from now until now.

I'd like to thank all the people who have registered , and those who have visited.


As a new attempt on this site, we are planning to plan a movie "We tried to dance with doing cosplay" as stated in the title.

Michael Jackson 's Smooth Criminal is scheduled for songs to use. (There is a possibility of change due to rights issue)



Even if it says "We tried to dance with doing cosplay", everyone will dance to one phrase of about 10 to 20 seconds.

Therefore, you are not good at dancing whether it's easy for beginners to challenge. (Because it's easy to retake.)

Also, it's difficult for cosplayers from all over the world to gather at the same time, so shooting is left to each individual.

Please see below for the procedure.

About shooting

First of all, I will allocate your dancing range. (About 10 seconds)

And practice while seeing choreography movie below.

Each person will take a movie and I'll edit it all.


① Shoot a dance movie

(Image character doesn't doing cosplay, but please understand.)

The shooting conditions are as follows.

  • Image quality is 1080p HD 60 fps or more.
  • Please shoot in the state of cosplay.
  • Please don't display personal items etc in the movie.
  • Please don't shoot in places where movie shooting is forbidden.


Please understand that it may not be possible to use movie if it's out of the above conditions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


② Send the video by e-mail

Please send the video to this mail address
✉  retrace418@hotmail.com

If sending by e-mail is difficult, please use Uploader etc.


③ Edit → Video upload


I edit the videos and upload them to Youtube after the editing work.

I'm considering other video sites in order to meet the demands of each country.


This is the flow of this time!



I'm a novice dancer.

Also, since this project started with the momentum, I'm wondering if any inconvenience will be caused.

However, I think "I’d like to do" are important in everything for me.Without it, nothing happens.

This time, I'd like to create works together with you.

(If you want to quit, please contact me anytime.)

There is no deadline for this project.
※ The completion of movie is undecided

Why don't you try challenging?

I'm waiting for contact!


✉  retrace418@hotmail.com