Today we will showcase the cosplay work of yutajin!

yutajin is a Japanese cosplayer who likes to cosplay characters from Ultraman and TIGER & BUNNY.

On this page you will find an interview with him and lots of photos of his cosplays!

Height: 172cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: Secret.
Favorite food: Anyway, I'm a sweet tooth and I like to have sweets with black coffee. Besides curry, Nara in pickles, Oden's Konjac and others.
Disliked food: I dislike ...... It's a bit different but Jiro Inspired Ramen is delicious, but I definitely avoid getting sick the next day I ate it. Also, I can't drink alcohol.
Hobby: I like printed type and I finish all day just by reading Wikipedia and twitter ......

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?



I liked pretend play from a young age.
About ten years ago some of my friends of cosplayers increased and I thought that they seemed to be interesting.

Part 2. What do you care about most when cosplaying?



I think that if the character is in reality, if the costume is real clothes. I will fill in the delusion like details that are not drawn in animation or manga.
For example,  try using the tartan check cloth on the part of animation drawn in red latticework. If the sleeve of the shirt wearing a fashionable character had only elbow, costume chooses half-length shirt instead of it. 
Also, because I want to make it look good in style, I am conscious of posing that costumes are narrowed and finished tightly, the shoulder width is wide and the waist looks thin.

Part 3. Tips for creating props and setting wigs




Regarding the wig, after dropping the volume, I'll make a rough shape with a hairdryer or hair iron and cut it again.

Hairdressing is the last finish only.

Even by just heating the wig with a dryer and then cooling it, you can make a lot of shapes.

Regarding the cut, I try not to mind even if it cuts too much.

The wig wears inevitably the head looks big.
So, even though I felt that I cut it too much, that isn't bad.

Part 4. Your best cosplay memories




I've tried out to the cosplay stage of Tokyo Game Show Midnight Festival by a strange coincidence .
I was happy that many people saw my cosplay!Also, thank you to Kaburagi · T · Kotetsu of "TIGER & BUNNY" because I got connected with many friends through cosplay and gave valuable opportunities such as photo exhibition participation.

Part 5. Tell us about your future cosplay plans



Q. Who are you planning to cosplay next?

Before broadcasting, my favorite animation "SSSS.GRIDMAN" was very popular, and I was blessed with the opportunity of the photo session!
I'll do Vit. Also, at the beginning of the year I'm trying to cosplay of Tsurugi Tetsuya with "Mazinger Z INFINITY".
Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

I often do cosplay at events and studio, but in my case I often do cosplay at anime night club.
Shooting isn't the main purpose, but it's fun to be able to return to the primitive motive of cosplay
"I want to dress my favorite character!", And very exciting when animation songs are play!
Q. What is "cosplay" for you?

It's "pretend play". It's costly, adjusted to the surroundings, planned, and deliver deliverables.
I think that I'm doing how to play unique to adults.
Continuing to satisfy the desire of "I want to become a longing character" of pretend play when young is unchanged.

Part 6. A final word



Are you a man who is already a cosplayer?
Cosplay does make you feel a narrow mind.

But it's not a cosplay, someone feels in society where we are living normally?
Or was it a difficulty of making makeup, it became subject "to be watched" from people, didn't you have experienced hardships you have not tasted everyday or have you noticed a gaze that you have not received?
Isn't that what women usually receive from society as a whole?

As mentioned above, since cosplay is "pretend play",
I think that there is nothing better to have fun playing, but usually men ...... especially healthy adult men are minority in society and become objects of consumption I think that it is few. In the area of ​​cosplay pref. "Us" is also a minority, I believe it's a few areas that can be consumed.

I can see the society in which we live from a different perspective than usual .... In that sense,
I want you to do more cosplay for men.


It was not a single word!!! (lol)

And this was yutajin’s showcase!

Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!


According to yutajin's plan


  • On the first day of Comic Market 95 on 29th Dec,their circle participation as a "mysterious imbalance zone" at 04a West (planned to issue a cosplay photo book centered on special effects hero)
  • Helping the large animation song DJ Fes "Re: animation 13" performed at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on Jan 12, 2019, 23p.m.


It is scheduled.

Anime song DJ festival is very interesting, and a cosplay changing room is also set up so if you are interested.

Please join us!


As the final word, yutajin mentioned, but the mens cosplayer is a minority.

However, I think that's unnecessary to care about surrounding eyes and prejudice.

I hope more population of cosplay increases, it will get excited!


You can find yutajin’s SNS accounts below


Since he usually cosplays in Kanto area, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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