Today we will showcase the cosplay work of Hayato!

Hayato is a Japanese cosplayer who likes to cosplay characters from adult games.

On this page you will find an interview with him and lots of photos of his cosplays!

Height: 168cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood type: AB
Birthday: Jun 26
Favorite food: raw ham, cheese, yakitori, nibbles
Disliked food: watermelon
Hobby: cosplay!

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?



When I was a high school student, I saw my friend's cosplay and started thinking that it would be fun!

Part 2. Tips for creating props and setting wigs



Anyway, check yourself with cloths and materials by themselves and make sure to spare time without having to make it by mistake.

Part 3. What do you care about most when cosplaying?



When hosting a photo session,I'll focus on photography direction, in particular and treasure everyone enjoying it.

Part 4. Your best cosplay memories



It's best memories to interact among people who like the same thing.

Part 5. Tell us about your future cosplay plans



Q. Who are you planning to cosplay next?

It's Tendo Teru of Idolmaster Side M.
Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

I often use Tokyo Big Sight and the studio in Kanto.
Q. What is "cosplay" for you?

It's life work for me. I'll continue to do it forever.

And this was Hayato’s showcase!

Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!

Hayato has been playing cosplay for over 20 years.

You can see that he has long loved cosplay!


You can find Hayato’s SNS accounts below


Since he usually cosplays in Kanto area, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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