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This time we will tell you about the problem of "beard" that many male cosplayers will have!

Have you ever thought that "something is different ..." just as the beard was growing, as well as the costume and make-ups you prepared?

Although I was doing the cosplay of the whitewashed character in the past, when painting the whiskey with the whiskers extended, it became conspicuous when I covered white powder, so I was interested every time.

(I hated it and went to permanent hair removal of the clinic, but no effect expected ... ....)

so! This time I studied how everyone in the men's layer solves the problem of "beard"!

Shave the beard 2 hours after getting up


It's said that beards are most likely to stretch for 1 to 2 hours since they woke up.

It's recommended that you wake up earlier on the cosplay day, warm it up to soften the beard, shave it down and prepare it before shaving!

Electric shaver or razor?


When shaving the beard, you will be given an opinion on whether to use an electric shaver or a razor.

Depending on the pros and cons, some people use both.

Please have a look at each merit / demerit, so please have a look!


<Electric shaver>


  • It's possible to shave in a short time.
  • It does not require water or bubbles.
  • Good cost performance.


Electric shavers are also reciprocating type and rotating type, but reciprocating type that can be sharpened is better.



  • Higher price than razor.
  • It takes time and effort to charge.
  • Needs maintenance.
  • Some people are concerned about rough skin.




  • Deep shaving is possible.
  • Even people with weak skin can use it.
  • Extensive range can be finished in one stroke.



    • It takes time and effort to shave.
    • Consumption is worse than electric shaver, and it is necessary to exchange frequently.
    • If you do not use foam you will get rough skin.


    <When both are used>

    First of all, the cosplay day gets up early and shaves carefully with a razor. And if you are concerned about beard just before cosplay, use is recommended that you finish with an electric shaver. (Please shave in the restroom etc)


    Since it is a personal opinion to the last, I think that there are various other opinions.

    If you have any comments such as "Such a razor is convenient!", "This feature of electric shaver can not be removed!" Please let me know!

    Use lipstick and foundation for blue beard


    After shaving the beard, "blue growing hair growing in the skin" called blue beard can be seen through. The part of the blue beard has a tremendous sense of incongruity.


    Let's use lipstick for blue beards!

    The red color of lipstick becomes complementary color by painting on blue beard, it covers well well.

    If you apply a foundation on it, you can almost hide the blue beard almost completely!

    If there is no prominent blue beard, use only BB cream


    Apply lipstick, and foundation ......? I do not want to spend such time!

    For those who say, BB cream alone is also possible.


    However, if the beard is dark, the effect may be less.

    It takes time and effort, but it is recommended that you coat the foundation by applying BB cream firmly.

    Go to a depilation clinic


    I have been going to a depilation clinic because I do not like beards.


    In depilation clinics, we generally deal with two kinds of "laser" and "needle type". Needle takes time and it hurts insanely.

    I chose laser treatment without hesitation.


    As a comment that actually treated five to six times, it is a light pain like a rubber game.

    I can choose strength from 10 levels, but it was not so painful, even with the strongest 10.

    (I felt a rough stone when I applied a laser to thin skin such as under the nose, and the burning smell was painful ...)


    However, I do not recommend an honest depilation clinic.

    Because I can not make any reservations despite paying expensive fee.


    Household epilator is enough


    In that clinic it was said that it is necessary to go at least twenty times in order to fully process the beard.

    I wonder how long it will go through 20 times even though I can not make a reservation at all.


    So I examined hair removal, and found out a home epilator called Kenon.

    It seems that the clinic says that the irradiation is weak for the household, or it is told that there is no effect, but since Kenon seemed to be high in the evaluation of the word, I bought it intentionally (lol)

    (It may be that I was crazy because of stress, now thinking ...)


    <Impression I used>

    The irradiation level can be selected from 1 to 10.

    There are modes that you press the button by yourself and modes that automatically illuminate every few seconds. I was doing it manually every time because I wanted to irradiate at my own timing, but automatic seems to be better considering efficiency. (But I'm scared of when I do not know when pain runs ....)


    By the way, the number of irradiation can be determined.

    However, since the cartridge to be applied to the skin is sold separately, even if the remaining number of times is gone, it is OK!


    Although it is about pain at the time of irradiation, I felt pain more than the irradiation of the clinic.

    But I interpret it as having that effect!

    It is a little troublesome, but by cooling the place to be irradiated in advance, the pain is alleviated.


    At the time of purchase, it was Kenon which I used everyday, but it stopped doing so ... ....
    It was troublesome to go to the clinic, but on the contrary it is hard to get hold of it if you think you can remove beards at any time. But since I bought it so much, I would like to resume again!

    Do not pull out the beard


    I need to shave a beard, but I don't want blue beard .... Also makeup is troublesome, don't you think you will solve if you pull out the beard?


    There are various disadvantages to pulling the beard.


    • Ingrown hair
    • Follicular inflammation
    • Acne and inflammation
    • Dry skin


    By pulling out the beard, buried hair where hair does not come out on the surface and hair grows under the skin,

    In the worst case, it can also be folliculitis which incises the skin.


    Especially those who make makeup with cosplay may have germs entering by plucking the beard.

    The act of absolutely pulling out the beard should cease.



    This time I wrote about "beard trouble"!

    From now on, we plan to publish it along with other male cosplayer unique problems.


    Looking forward to it again next time!


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