Today we will showcase the cosplay work of Ken Valice!

Ken Valice is a Brazilians who likes to cosplay a lot of different characters from Final Fantasy and Attack on Titan etc.


On this page you will find an interview with him and lots of photos of his cosplays!

Height: 182cm
Weight: 75kg
Birthday: Sep 24
Blood type: A
Favorite food:  Hot Dog
Disliked food: Cauliflower
Hobby: Cosplay

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?

Ken Valice
I started to cosplay, because I wanted to dress like a character I loved very much to a party and I did not want to wear the common costumes everybody rents for parties, so I ended up improvising an Uchiha Itachi cosplay.

Part 2. What do you care about most when cosplaying?



Ken Valice
I really think that the wig style and make-up are the two most important aspects of any cosplay. If you have a good wig and a good make-up, everybody will recognise your character, even if you are wearing pyjamas; the opposite is not always true.

Part 3. Your best cosplay memories



Ken Valice
I think the best memories cosplay has brought to me are the friends I made, because a considerable part of my current friends are cosplayers , which is terrific because we spend endless nights discussing, planing and creating new cosplays.

Part 4. Tell us about your future cosplay plans



Q.Who are you planning to cosplay next?

Ken Valice
It is Yusei from Yu-gi-Oh 5DS I might finish it by the end of the year. Yu-gi-Oh has always had a special place in my heart and... the wigs... oh the wigs... I love to style Yu-gi-Oh wigs.
Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

Ken Valice
Actually at home or somewhere near my house where I can get a decent scene for photoshoots. The conventions in my city have been increasingly vanishing throughout recent years and the people from my city have to travel to bigger cities to attend to anime conventions these days.
Q.What is a "cosplay" for you?

Ken Valice
Cosplay is an artistic way to show love, support or admiration for an anime, a game, a movie or a character.
And this was Ken Valice’s showcase!
Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!
Ken Valice is currently in the UK and is planning to take a picture in France next month.
By the end of the year I am planning to complete Yu-Gi-Oh 5 D's "Fudo Yusei",
so I can hardly wait for photos again!
You can find Ken Valice’s SNS accounts below

Since he usually cosplays in Brazil and Europe, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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