This time is the handle name, Mr. Leaf/Nano's introduction!

Mr. Leaf/Nanois a Mexican cosplayer living in Canada.

His cosplay activity mainly on weekly jump series.


On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Leaf/Nano!

Height: 179cm
Weight: 64kg
Birthday: Nov 7
Blood type: Unfortunately I can't remember my blood type, sorry!
Favorite food: Raw salmon, Chicken.
Disliked food: Mayo, Fatty meat.
Hobby: Gym, cosplay, Illustration.

Part 1. Why did you start cosplaying?


(Photo by @alexrosephotog)


I thought it looked very cool and like a lot of fun when I saw pictures online of people cosplaying when I was a teenager so I decided to try it! I believe i was around 16 or 17 years old.. a long time ago now 😂

Part 2.What do you care about most when cosplaying?


(Photo by @porkchowlame)


I love bringing my favorite characters to life and having fun with friends while cosplaying! It is my way of showing my love for the characters/series I like.

Part 3. Your best cosplay memories


(Photo by @ilacastella)


I have many wonderful memories around cosplay. I think the most valuable ones are all the wonderful people I've met through this hobby! I have met many of my closest and best friend thanks to cosplay and conventions!

Part 4.Tell us about your future cosplay plans


(Photo by @500StatesofSerenity)


Q. Who are you planning to cosplay next?

Q.Where do you usually cosplay?

I usually cosplay at local conventions in Canada (Toronto) where I live, sometimes planned photoshoots with friends.
Q.About future activities.

Most of my future plans are from One Piece right now because I became very in love with the series after a friend convinced me to start. I regret not starting sooner, It is a very positive and heartwarming story of friends chasing their dreams!

Part5.What is "cosplay" for you?


(Photo by @alexrosephotog)


Cosplay for me is is a multidisciplinary for of art. It is very involving as it requires many skills like wig styling, makeup, sewing, prop making/sculpting, posing and acting! As someone who loves art I think It's great because you get to create in so many different ways for 1 project!

And this was Leaf’s showcase!
Thank you for the interview and the cosplay photo!

Leef loves "One Piece" the most, please also want other people to see this work! That is.


You can find Leaf’s SNS accounts below



Since he usually cosplays in Canada, don't hesitate to talk to him if you have the opportunity!

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