This time is the handle name, Mr. Sanamoto's introduction!

Mr. Sanamoto is a Japanese cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Kanto area mainly with the character of Sound Horizon.

On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Sanamoto!


Height: 172cm
Weight: 74kg
Birthday: Mar 30
Blood type: B
Favorite food: Cheese
Disliked food: Popcorn
Hobby: Food Toys

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?



I participated in the production of Gundam with my college club activities and started wearing it at a cultural festival. I learned here how to cut out the cos board, how to hide it. This knowledge worked for the first time when I made my own cosplay costume a few years later.

Part 2. What care very much about cosplay?



Compatibility of functionality and reproducibility. Easy to install and clean up. I like to incorporate ingenuity such as not to lose movement.
Once I decide I will make it momentum. After making it without hesitation without making a mistake, finely adjust it at the end.

Part 3. About future cosplay activities


Q. Where do you usually play cosplay?

Karaoke off party is the main. I like to act, so I can be full of power.
Q. Please tell us about your future activity schedule!

I rarely take pictures at off-shows and so on, so it's a waste that there are not many pictures taken properly. I'd like to participate in events and photo session once.
Q. What is a cosplay for you?

It is a presence that adds flowers.


This time the introduction was Sanamoto!

Thank you for interview & Cos photo!

Mr. Sanamoto is very enthusiastic about modeling, and the sale of modeled objects of Sound Horizon works is also done. Very high quality, please have a look if there is opportunity!


The SNS account of such Sanamoto is here.


Since it is active in the Kanto area, if you have the opportunity to speak with others etc., please try to interact!

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