This time is the handle name, Mr. Bear's introduction!

Mr. Bear is a Japanese cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Kanto area mainly with the character of Sound Horizon.

On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Bear!


Height: 176cm
Weight: 90kg
Birthday: Jul 26
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Sushi
Disliked food: Natto
Hobby: driving,karaoke

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?


When participating in karaoke which can be cosplay, 90% is a cosplayer, and I thought that I wanted to do it too.

Part 2. What care very much about cosplay?



Costumes and molded objects make full use of pioneers' skills and wisdom.
I care very much about beard!

Part 3. About future cosplay activities



Although it is main to do cosplay at off-club of events and karaoke, I am participating in what is extremely coincident with the work.
Next time I'm planning Tomitake Jiro of "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"!

Part 4. What is cosplay for you


I think cosplay is a type of communication, so I think I will be happy the best and I will continue to do activities!

This time the introduction was Bear!

Thank you for interview & Cos photo!

Mr.Bear is good at making facial expressions, making use of the personality of the character!


The SNS account of such Bear is here.

Since it is active in the Kanto area, if you have the opportunity to speak with others etc., please try to interact!

About this media


This media is a male cosplayer media all over the world.

I am operating as a personal hobby.


For details, please refer to "ABOUT".

I am waiting for the registration of male cosplayer!

Thank you very much!