This time is the handle name, Mr. Vetrovman's introduction!

Mr. Vetrovman is a Russian cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Russia mainly with the Blizzard's game character

On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Vetrovman!

Blood type: O
Favorite food:Cheese soup
Disliked food:all with the mushrooms
Hobby:cosplay, craft, DJ

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?



In 2007, I watched one anime called “Naruto”, I watched it very quickly, it took me 2 weeks for the 220 episodes. After that I wanted to try to make characters from the anime and after from the games. Blizzard inspires me right now. I do a lot of things about World of Warcraft. And I am inspired by craftsmen from around the world

Part 2. What care very much about cosplay?



most importantly,  from my point of view, this is how a character looks like yourself.  Feel inside his character, habits. Get used to the role. After is the work of the costume itself. I usually do all my costumes myself. Occasionally I ask for help from colleagues in the shop.

Part 3. Memories of cosplay



The coolest memories of cosplay are a victory at one of the conventions, emotions when a crowd recognizes you. It warms you from the inside and in your head the thought "I did it."

Part 4. About future activities


Q. What is the next cosplay?

At the moment, I'm making a full Illidan costume. After the thought. take the World of Starcraft, namely Zeratul. A little go into the World of Warhammer. We will see what lies ahead. I am always happy to go to any interesting projects. Between global ideas.
Q.Where do you usually play cosplay?

I usually attend several festivals near my hometown of Krasnoyarsk, it is located in Russia in Siberia. It hosts the largest festival of Siberia, Comiccon Siberia. There are also a little smaller festivals, usually I don’t drive too much work on them. Well, plus, I compose an entertainment program like a DJ and hold parties for the same guys as me.
Q. What is a cosplay for you?

Cosplay for me is a way of inspiration. Show what you can. Trying to take a piece of something fantastic.


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Vetrovman is proactively performing cosplay activities mainly in Russia!

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