This time is the handle name, Mr. Kroxix's introduction!

Mr. Kroxix is a Burmese cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Myanmar mainly with the character of Fate.

On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Kroxix!

Birthday:8th June 1992
Blood type:type O
Favorite food:DIM SUM
Disliked food:Seafood
Hobby:Watching Animation,Games & collecting figures...

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?

Because I like the moment when it feels like being a cosplay character!
I did 「Katekyo Hitman REBORN!」 cosplay without a wig & makeup back in 2012, but it was fun..

Part 2. Next planned cosplay

I am planning to do Fate 's Arthur Pendragon (Valentine' s ver) and the Escanol of the Seven Deadly Sins.
I mainly participate in Myanmar's local events and sometimes take pictures!

Part 3. About future cosplay activities

I always try my best in cosplay whenever I'm free from work but I can rarely get chance to cosplay cuz of work... but still planning to do more cosplay works in the future.

Part 4. What is cosplay for you

One of my favorite hobby & part of my life.

This time the introduction was Kroxix!

Thank you for interview & Cos photo!

Although it is not posted this time, other Roronoa Zoro etc, Shonen Jump type characters are also cosplayed!

The SNS account of such Kroxix is here.

Since it is active in the Myanmar, if you have the opportunity to speak with others etc., please try to interact!

About this media

This media is a male cosplayer media all over the world.

I am operating as a personal hobby.

For details, please refer to "ABOUT".

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Thank you very much!