This time is a handle name, Mr. R's introduction!

Mr. R is a Japanese cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Kanto area mainly with characters that appear in Sound Horizon and Touken Ranbu.

On this page, Mr. R's cosplay photos & interviews will be posted!

Height: 174 cm
Weight: 3 digits kg
Birthday: Oct 15
Blood type: type B
Favorite food: I can live a few days with rice and natto
Disliked food: Melon( but I like melonpan.)

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?



Because I thought that it seemed fun to see the people who are cosplaying at the off-club meeting.

I never thought that it is so crazy to cosplay (laugh)


Part 2. What care very much about cosplay?



Regarding shaping, it is aiming for making such as to be said to be genuine.

However, I will also apply dirty paint as necessary, and we will do the costumes as well.
Failure is scary, but anyway it will do something!

Part 3. Tips for modeling and setting wigs

Anyway I think I will try!
It seems to be difficult to see shaping and wigs, it seems to be difficult, but it is okay if you can make use of it even if you fail, even if you fail! There are also parts that you can unexpected as you know your self as you go. There are some sites that explain shaping and wig sets in an easy-to-understand manner now, so it's good to imitate seeing it!

Part 4: Cosplay of Memories

It is a retrograde army of Touken Ranbu and a verbal examiner.
I was really happy when I made a mask, armor, or weapon with my own hands.
I like the hottest characters, so I will do Fate's Iskandar next!

Part 5. What is cosplay for you?


It is the best hobby I can become a favorite character and become friends with many people!


This time the introduction was Mr.R!

Thank you for interview & Cos photo!

As Mr. R is a photograph, he is a person who puts great emphasis on modeling!


The SNS account of such Mr.R is here.

Since it is active in Tokyo and Saitama studio and event, if you have the opportunity to speak with others etc., please try to interact!

About this media

This media is a male cosplayer media all over the world.

I am operating as a personal hobby.

For details, please refer to "ABOUT".

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Thank you very much!