This time is the handle name, Mr. Thanatos's introduction!

Mr. Tanatos is a Japanese cosplayer,

It is a cosplay activity in the Kanto area mainly with the character of Sound Horizon.

On this page, I will post Cosplay photos & interviews of Tanatos!

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Birthday: May 19
Blood type: type B
Favorite food: sweets & matcha whatever you like lol
Disliked food: Boya
Hobby: Design / Cosplay / Karaoke / Eating / Walking / Sweets & Matcha Tour

Part 1. Why did you start cosplay?



I was invited by my acquaintance and started.

Originally I was interested, but the talk with the cosplayers I met with my friends was exciting and that was greatly boosted by that person.

The first character was Hiver of SoundHorizon , which was a lot of fun.

It was a really fun and fulfilling time for nervous because the first cosplay of my life was a casting karaoke of party!

Part 2. What care very much about cosplay?


The wigs pretty much the completeness of cosplay changes considerably there!

 I used the wig stand after setting the shape to a certain extent with the hair dryer in the set and I am preparing the shape with spray and paste. 

The color contact I use is "Assist Chouch HANABI", the wig is "Assist / Auxos Classe"

Part 3. About future cosplay activities


I usually go to the cosplay studio and the event in Kanto area.

I will do Noel of Sound Horizon in November
But I have only Noel and Ivel
I would like to increase it in the future.

Part 4. Finally what is a cosplay for Mr. Thanatos?


I can meet myself I have never met before!



This time the introduction was Thanatos!

Thank you for interview & Cos photo!


Thanatos has been in the cosplay activity for about half a year,

Not only costumes and wigs, but also composition, posing are studying hard!

The SNS account of such Tanatos is here.


Since it is active in the Kanto area, if you have the opportunity to speak with others etc., please try to interact!

About this media


This media is a male cosplayer media all over the world.

I am operating as a personal hobby.


For details, please refer to "ABOUT".

I am waiting for the registration of male cosplayer!

Thank you very much!